Pixel Games

The first video games were completely pixelated and simple, but they had this unique and sweet charm. That's why Pixel Games are still very famous among players from all over the world. A reason why new pixelated and retro-styled games are still developed even today, in a time where 3D graphics took over the gaming world. Here on Silvergames you can find a huge collection of modern and old pixel games that you can play for free and online.

Don't get distracted by old looking graphics. What makes a game even better is good gameplay and the story delivered in a cool pixel adventure game. Though some games may look like they are from the early 80s or 90s they still have modern mechanics and a packing storyline. 

Old pixel games like Tetris, Pac-Man and Street Fighter can now be played online. Tuper Tario Tros, a remake of the classic Super Mario series, combines the funny arcade game with the popular Tetris. Switch between the tetris and plumber mode with your spacebar.

No suprise that there are a whole bunch of Minecraft games like the pixelated Mine Blocks or Minecraft Tower Defense are available. In Mine Blocks players can explore a giant 2d pixel world, farm ressources, build tools, weapons and even houses just like in the original Minecraft game. Enjoy our free Pixel Games!