Minecraft Games

Don't you want to create your own little world? Like in the popular free game Minecraft? Thanks to these cool and addictive Minecraft Games, you will finally get to play with a world full of blocks! Some of the best mining & crafting games await you. In Minecraft you are free to move through a fantastic virtual world made of blocks. But your survival is far from guaranteed with creepers, zombies and other horrific beasts roaming the land.

It's a good thing, that you know how to craft objects out of the blocks that surround you. That means that an entire world filled with adventure waits for you outside your door. Venture forth and play around with everything you find in these free games based on Minecraft. If you need to, you can craft things like shovels out of the various materials around you. The world holds resources like wood, stone, grass and many more. In the world of Minecraft tools and powerful weapons are an important currency. You have to defeat all manner of block zombies to ensure your survival. That's what makes Minecraft Games so much fun. Play around with the things you find or the players you meet. After all, the entire world is your oyster. All the blocks you find in these games are free, and so are the games themselves. You can enjoy them in creative mode or survival mode.

Minecraft took much of the gaming scene by surprise with its fun and unique craft gameplay. It also didn't hurt that you could play the game for free. The enthusiasm for the game spread like wildfire with games like Block Craft 3D, Orion Sanbox or Pixel Warfare 3 using those ideas and playing with them. You can have great adventures with Minecraft clones as well as the original. The unique block look is striking and easily recognised and will feel almost naturel before long. What will keep you coming back is the joy of diving into another craft adventure and finding out where your play will take the game next.

It started as a passion project by Swedish developer Markus Persson. Soon it was further developed by software studio Mojang. It then quickly grew to become the gaming juggernaut that would define a new generation of gamers. Its popularity was so impressive that even established software giant Microsoft took note and bought Mojang including all its intellectual property. By now there are Minecraft spin-offs and ports to countless platforms. More and more people can now enjoy playing this gaming landmark. The cultural impact of the game has been profound. Its low-resolution, pixelated graphical style serves as a template for all kinds of merchandise including t-shirts, bags and hats. A thriving community has grown around it. They continue to create impressive and amazing virtual structures, simply by working together peacefully and purposefully. Putting in long and arduous hours of work in the digital realm, fans have faithfully recreated places like King's Landing (Game of Thrones), Hogwarts Castle (Harry Potter) and many more. But there are also multiplayer versions of the game that allow for confrontation and conflict. Unsurprisingly those spaces tend to lack the imposing and awe-inspiring creations that grow from peaceful cooperation. Both the game and the community have been subject of numerous academic papers. Some focus on exploring the social dynamics of the community. Other papers look gamification and how it helps or hinders people. Minecraft remains a game that is intuitive and simple. But it is also deeply gratifying, provided you are willing to dedicate the hours needed for it.